Delighting Consumers’
Senses in 2017

March 2017

As consumers’ brand loyalties dwindle, beauty shoppers seek newer and more exciting sensorial experiences. Now more than ever, Sensient is committed to inspire you with creative approaches to these future trends.

As color and sensory experts that work with a broad spectrum of industries, Sensient’s teams are involved in every aspect of consumers’ lives across the world. From foods to textiles to consumer goods to cosmetics, this unique market reach gives our teams a 360° vision of consumers’ expectations and future trends.

“Using our expertise in flavors, scents and colors, we create cosmetic formulations that delight all your senses.”

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies teams have worked on upcoming trends to illustrate their vision for the future of beauty as well as formulate different concepts to inspire your next beauty creation.

Tasty Paradise: indulge your senses

For 2017, Sensient has looked at how new means of communication have empowered individuals with a higher sense of self-assertion and a more acute awareness for major societal and environmental issues around the world. People are now striving to reach this comforting balance between indulgence, genuine happiness and a more ethical and responsible lifestyle.
Our inspiration, “Tasty Paradise,” is the epitomization of this philosophy. We associate it with individuals who dovetail beauty with general wellness. Healthful and delicious food inspires a more balanced lifestyle, mixing pleasure, aesthetic and wellness.

Color palette

As color specialists, Sensient’s team decided to work on fruity, succulent and sunny shades. The color range is warm and soft, and it includes sun-kissed skin tones and fresh hues. The colors evoke wide and calming horizons, delicate fruits freshly harvested on a warm summer morning, and earthy elements.

Lady in white meditating

Beauty product inspiration

Inspired by this “Tasty Paradise” color range, our R&D and Application teams have developed multiple beauty creations that use Sensient’s pigments, texturing agents and fragrances to create a unique
sensorial experience.

Luscious Cream

Cooling Green Leg Gel

Plump Passion Lipstick

Our delicately tinted Luscious Cream was created to delight the sense of touch with its unctuous texture, while our Cooling Green Leg Gel evokes the sensation of refreshing water from a paradisiacal lagoon. Finally, our Plump Passion Lipstick emulates the deep reds of a freshly picked pomegranate.

As we start 2017, Sensient will continue to monitor consumer markets worldwide to understand what inspires people around the globe.